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The pandemic has caused an unprecedented worldwide economic shutdown, which has put an enormous amount of stress on global food supplies.
And as the pandamic continues to spread around the world, the United Nations is warning about global food shortages soon. The world you know is going to change dramatically and permanently.
UN officials also predict soaring food prices as lockdowns in various countries slow down supply chains, and as some countries implement export restrictions to prevent domestic food shortages.
Restrictions on movement have meant farmworkers are in short supply, and food is at risk of rotting in the fields. Fruit and vegetable farms in America rely on cheap foreign labor to harvest their crops. Restrictions on movement have meant farmworkers are in short supply, and food is at risk of rotting in the fields.
Restrictions on movement across the world have meant vital farmworkers are in short supply, and now food is at risk of rotting in the fields.
Meat prices are extremely high. Food hyperinflation has definitely kicked in.
The price of steaks and chicken is through the roof. Now is the time to restock in prepping for the second wave. Don’t worry about what OTHERS think of you.
Here in America, stores still have plenty of food. But empty shelves have started to appear, and we are seeing spikes in food cost, especially meat.
Meat processing facilities have been shut down all over America due to pandemic, and this is starting to create some really annoying shortages.
There is definitely a meat shortage. A lot of farmers may have to go out of business after being financially ruined during this crisis, and we will seriously miss that lost production capacity in the days ahead.
The global food supplies are only going to get tighter and tighter. Now is the time to restock in preparation for the second wave. You are indeed on the verge of being too late. Food prices are skyrocketing. Those of you who turn your nose up at canned meat better rethink that quickly. For it is already getting difficult to find it for the third year in a row. Torrential rains have returned to many crop growing areas. So do not expect any relief from a bountiful harvest. The old standby of rice and beans will not work either, with the rice shortage in many areas, whether the food is unavailable or too expensive. The result is the same.
Get essential while you can, and not just-food.
The benefits of being a hunter/fisherman and having a garden become more evident. You need to become more self-sufficient people!

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