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Another two Mainers have died as health officials on Tuesday reported 571 more coronavirus cases across the state.

The number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in the past 14 days statewide is 4,574. This is an estimation of the current number of active cases in the state, as the Maine CDC is no longer tracking recoveries for all patients. That’s up from 4,226 on Monday.

It marks the highest single-day increase in cases Maine has seen since Jan. 26, when 662 were reported and the state remained in the grip of a severe winter surge in virus transmission. It’s likely some cases occurred beyond the previous 24 hours because those reported to the Maine CDC have been exceeding what it’s able to review within a day.

A man and a woman in their 80s from Oxford County have succumbed to the virus, bringing the statewide death toll to 753.

Tuesday’s report brings the total number of coronavirus cases in Maine to 54,827, according to the Maine CDC. That’s up from 54,256 on Monday.

Of those, 41,482 have been confirmed positive, while 13,345 were classified as “probable cases,” the Maine CDC reported.

The new case rate statewide Tuesday was 4.27 cases per 10,000 residents, and the total case rate statewide was 409.64.

Maine’s seven-day average for new coronavirus cases is 369.9, up from 327.9 a day ago, up from 311.4 a week ago and up from 177.1 a month ago. That average peaked on Jan. 14 at 625.3.

The most cases have been detected in Mainers in their 20s, while Mainers over 80 years old make up the majority of deaths. More cases and deaths have been recorded in women than men. For a complete breakdown of the age and sex demographics of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, use the interactive graphic below.

So far, 1,742 Mainers have been hospitalized at some point with COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus. Information about those who are currently hospitalized wasn’t immediately available.

The total statewide hospitalization rate on Tuesday was 13.02 patients per 10,000 residents.

Cases have been reported in Androscoggin (5,955), Aroostook (1,511), Cumberland (14,835), Franklin (1,065), Hancock (1,161), Kennebec (4,803), Knox (861), Lincoln (725), Oxford (2,775), Penobscot (4,921), Piscataquis (401), Sagadahoc (1,118), Somerset (1,558), Waldo (749), Washington (797) and York (11,590) counties. Information about where an additional two cases were reported wasn’t immediately available.

For a complete breakdown of the county by county data, use the interactive graphic below.

An additional 6,013 Mainers have been vaccinated against the coronavirus in the previous 24 hours. As of Tuesday, 520,089 Mainers have received a first dose of the vaccine, while 386,624 have received a final dose.

As of Monday evening, the coronavirus had sickened 31,268,952 people in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as caused 562,608 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.

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