1. Coronavirus

2. Election 2020

3. Economy

America’s big economic comeback is sputtering as coronavirus cases pick back up. The US economy contracted at a 32.9% annual rate from April through June, its worst drop on record, and unemployment claims rose for the second week in a row. The grim economic data caused stocks to sink as newfound uncertainty about the predicted economic rebound grows. Not everyone is feeling the pain, though. Amazon and Apple both posted gains this quarter, and Facebook’s stock has risen as socially distanced users flock to the platform. Pandemic-era home cooking regimens have boosted Kraft Heinz’s bottom line, too.

4. Stimulus

Three key relief programs have either lapsed or are about to expire as Congress continues to debate the next round of coronavirus aid. The $600 unemployment enhancement ends today. A federal moratorium on evictions ended last Friday, leaving more than 12 million renters at risk for homelessness. And the Paycheck Protection Program, which still has $130 billion intended to help small businesses, is set to expire August 8. It doesn’t help that, after several days of negotiations following the Republican Senate stimulus proposal, GOP and Democratic leaders are reportedly no closer to an agreement on what to do next.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s government has barred a dozen candidates from the city’s legislative elections in September and says more disqualifications may be coming. The decision has raised even more questions about the integrity of the contest and the democratic freedoms of Hong Kong citizens. The city continues to feel the effects of the new national security law imposed by China at the beginning of the month. Behavior like advocating for Hong Kong independence or self-determination is grounds for election disqualification. Human rights groups and international alliances criticized Hong Kong’s candidate crackdown and said it was another example of ongoing political restriction.
Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong seen campaigning last month.


The NBA season is back on

And teams that played last night sent a strong message: Black Lives Matter.

Here are your 2020 MTV VMA nominations

It’s a good day to be a Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande fan.

Garth Brooks explains why he removed himself from the CMA Entertainer of the Year category

Dunkin’ is closing 800 locations

Things aren’t so sweet for the morning commute staple.

Sales of Dawn and Bounty paper towels are soaring

We are all trapped in an endless daily cycle of cooking from home, cleaning up our cooking from home, and then cooking from home again.


14.2 trillion

That’s how much coastal flooding from sea level rise will cost our planet by the year 2100 if nothing is done to stop it, says a new study. That amounts to about 20% of global gross domestic product.


“When historians pick up their pens to write the story of the 21st century, let them say that it was your generation who laid down the heavy burdens of hate at last and that peace finally triumphed over violence, aggression and war.”

The late Rep. John Lewis, in an essay published by The New York Times on the day of his funeral. Lewis, inspired by the waves of social justice reform and activism sweeping the country, intended the essay to be published after his death.



How special effects masks are made

These are definitely NOT the kind of face masks you wear to the grocery store. (Although they certainly do encourage social distancing!) (Click here to view)

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