CORINTH, Miss. (WTVA) — One procedure to treat coronavirus in North Mississippi is called an antibody transfusion.

One Corinth man and his wife spoke with WTVA after each having successful transfusions.

Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth. Photo taken 01-19-21.

Retired broadcaster Jimmy Anderson said he and his wife both got coronavirus between Christmas and New Year’s.

“I also missed doing the Alcorn County Tournament, broadcasting the Alcorn County Tournament, basketball tournament for the first time in 50 years, so that was a problem,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the worst part of having the coronavirus was quarantine. It kept him from what-and who-he loves.

“We couldn’t see the grandkids or the kids.”

Anderson said that shortly after he first got coronavirus, he and his wife took vitamins and antibiotics. They then heard from family that Magnolia Hospital in Corinth was giving something new called antibody infusions.

On January 3rd, he and his wife went to take the treatment. It took 1 hour with an IV.

“They said within 48 hours we would see a difference, and we did,” Anderson said. “We felt like it really helped us,” Anderson said.

He explained they had some symptoms, but never got really ‘sick’.

“Of course, we cannot tell how sick we would’ve gotten without the infusion,” Anderson said.

Anderson explained the hospitals try to treat a max of 10 people with the transfusions per day.

He added people must have the transfusion early on and not be too sick.

“If you’re ill enough to be put into the hospital, they cannot use this procedure,” Anderson said.

About three weeks later, both he and his wife are feeling great with very few symptoms.

“I’m back in the game again.”

Because they had the transfusions, the two cannot get coronavirus vaccinations for 90 days.

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