As more San Bernardino County residents are getting vaccinated, the number of people testing positive for coronavirus ticked up slightly this week.

The county reported an average of 166 new positive cases per day in the past week ending Friday, April 9, according to its public health dashboard. That’s up from the 126 cases per day reported the previous week ending April 2, but remains similar to the number reported a month ago — an average of 176 cases per day in the week ending March 9.

While the county dashboard on Friday showed an additional 70 people reported hospitalized, a 68% increase compared to the previous day, spokesperson Felisa Cardona said the daily total could be inaccurate.

“There could be a discrepancy” on the number of patients in the hospital, Cardona said. She said it was unclear if there was an error in the information reported from the hospitals and that it was unknown when the information could be clarified.

The number of deaths in the county, however, were trending down as an average of 10 deaths per day were reported in the past week, down from 33 deaths per day the previous week ending April 2, and in the week ending March 9, one month ago. With the county’s backlog, most of the deaths that are being reported now are still of people who died from coronavirus in January and February.

This weekend, the county will hit 325,000 residents fully vaccinated.

County officials continued to urge residents to continue to wear masks, maintain physical distancing and get vaccinated as quickly as possible, Cardona said.

Here are the latest numbers, according to county and state public health officials.

San Bernardino County

Confirmed cases: 292,358 total, up 198 from Thursday, averaging 166 reported per day in the past week

Deaths: 4,166 total, up 24 from Thursday, averaging 10 reported per day in the past week

Hospital survey: 173 confirmed and 14 suspected patients hospitalized Thursday, including 24 confirmed and 6 suspected patients in the ICU, with 25 of 25 facilities reporting. The number of confirmed patients is up 38% from a week earlier.

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