Even as San Bernardino County continues to work through its backlogged coronavirus data, it’s already clear that more coronavirus deaths were reported in the county in January than in any other month.

Public health officials have reported 394 coronavirus deaths in San Bernardino County in January, beating the previous records of 316 in December and 307 in August.

County officials have acknowledged that deaths occurring during the winter surge might not show up in statistics for months.

“As things are much worse,” than the July surge and resulting backlog, “we’re likely not going to have a true picture of all Nov/Dec deaths that occurred until into March,” county spokesman David Wert said in an email.

There were 80,052 new cases reported in January, down from the 100,706 cases reported in December. Testing was essentially unchanged, with just a little more than 550,000 tests administered each month in January and December.

Hospitalizations peaked early in January, straining the system to its limits, but have fallen significantly since then. There were 1,785 people with confirmed cases in hospitals in San Bernardino County on Jan. 5. As of Sunday, Jan. 31, that was down 42% to 1,036 cases. There were 363 confirmed cases in intensive care units Jan. 6. That’s dropped 29% to 256 as of Jan. 31.

Here are the latest numbers, according to county and state public health officials.

San Bernardino County

Confirmed cases: 275,076 total, up 2,878 from Friday, Jan. 29, averaging 1,293 reported per day in the past week

Deaths: 1,856 total, up 58 from Friday, averaging 25.4 reported per day in the past week

Hospital survey: 1,036 confirmed and 39 suspected patients hospitalized Sunday, including 256 confirmed and four suspected patients in the ICU, with 23 of 25 facilities reporting. The number of confirmed patients is down 18.7% from a week earlier.

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