San Bernardino County reported 23 more people have died from COVID-19 complications, as the total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic jumped past 1,000 on Sunday, Oct. 18.

“That’s an unimaginable amount of grief for a thousand families in our county,” said Curt Hagman, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, on Sunday in a written statement. “This will strengthen our resolve to keep doing everything we can to get our community to the other side of this pandemic as soon and as safely as possible.”

The seven-day average of new reported deaths as of Friday had been less than one per day, but bigger numbers this weekend pushed it up to an average of five deaths per day on Sunday. Three days in the previous week saw no new deaths reported.

County spokesman David Wert said the death numbers are “far from real time” because it usually takes from three days to more than a week for a death to show up in coronavirus data.

“It’s not unusual for data to show up in groups, creating the appearance that we’ve had a particularly deadly day,” he said, “but the State has been reviewing and adjusting death data over the past few days, creating drops and rises in the death numbers.”

Last Sunday the seven-day average of new deaths reported per day was 3.4; and on Oct. 4 the county was reporting an average of 5.3 deaths per day over seven days.

According to county data, at the peak on July 25, the county had been reporting a seven-day average of 17.3 new deaths per day.

The newest state data shows the number of positive patients in county hospitals jumped 40% from 189 on Friday to 265 on Saturday, but the number of suspected COVID-19 patients only jumped by one to 45, and the number of positive patients in intensive care units went down by seven to 39.

Wert said he was checking on the hospital data spike. State officials did not immediately return requests for comment.

The last time the county had 265 hospitalized COVID-19 patients was in early September. State data shows at the peak on July 25 there were 638 positive patients in county hospitals.

The newest county hospital data from Tuesday Oct 13, shows the county has 3,852 hospital beds, of which 2,435 were occupied. County hospitals have another 645 surge beds, of which 33 are occupied.

Here are the latest numbers, according to county and state public health officials.

San Bernardino County

Confirmed cases: 59,696 total, up 94 from Saturday, averaging 246 reported per day in the past week

Deaths: 1,021 total, up 23 from Saturday, averaging 5.0 reported per day in the past week

Hospital survey: 265 confirmed and 45 suspected patients hospitalized Saturday, including 39 confirmed and 9 suspected patients in the ICU, with 24 of 25 facilities reporting. The number of confirmed patients is up 38.0% from a week earlier.

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