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Hi Guys, I started my You tube career making short drama films, then went on to make music videos. I didn’t really want to be a YouTuber making vlogs but my Husband kept encouraging me, saying you would be so good doing vlogs! Reluctantly I gave in & starting doing a 30-day no new clothes challenge in September 2019 in conjunction with Oxfam!

My Husband has created a monster because I’m kinda a bit obsessed now! I love fashion & art. I’m always searching for unique cutting edge clothes to wear! So why wouldn’t I vlog about it? I mean what else would I do?

I’ve already starred in reality television shows on TV, for Sky, Channel 4 & TLC to name a few. I’m also an actor, & starred in famous TV dramas in Bollywood.

Music: DubGoddess
Available on all streaming services & YouTube
Producer: Jerome Stokes
Vocals Juel Stokes

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